María José Carmona
Professor of Evolutionary Ecology
ICBiBE Research Lab: e3 (Evolutionary Ecology)


Selected publications

2006 - García-Roger, E.M., M.J. Carmona; M. Serra (2006). A simple model relating habitat features to a diapausing egg bank. Limnology and Oceanography 51: 1542-1547
2009 - Carmona, M.J., N. Dimas-Flores, E.M. García-Roger, M. Serra (2009). Selection of low investment in sex in a cyclically parthenogenetic rotifer. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 22: 1975-1983.
2011 - Campillo, S., E.M. García-Roger, M.J. Carmona, M. Serra (2011). Local adaptation in rotifer populations. Evolutionary Ecology 25: 933-974
2013 - Gabaldón, C., J. Montero-Pau, M. Serra & M.J. Carmona (2013). Morphological similarity and ecological overlap in two rotifer species. PloS One 8: e-57087.
2017 - Tarazona, E., García‐Roger, E. M., & Carmona, M. J. (2017). Experimental evolution of bet hedging in rotifer diapause traits as a response to environmental unpredictability. Oikos. 126: 1162-1172.

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Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology (ICBiBE)

University of Valencia


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