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My research combines multidisciplinary approaches and includes fieldwork, analysis of telemetry information, population dynamics, and geographic information systems. Since 2006, I am researching the fascinating world of animal movement.

The overall objective of my investigations is to employ the most novel information to gain insight into the ecological responses by which animals respond to ecological variations in their environment and to apply this information to the conservation of endangered species.

Summary of my research:

I got my degree in biology and my MSc at Univ. of Valencia (UV) in 2003 and 2004, respectively. I obtained my Ph.D. degree (outstanding Cum Laude, European Doctorate mention) in 2010 (UV), for which I got the Extraordinary Ph.D. Award in 2011. I am currently Associate Professor (Prof. Titular de Universidad) at the UV. My research work has been published in 92 papers in SCI journals, some of them in top-ranked journals such as Science, Front. Ecol. Evol., Ecol. Appl. and Biol. Conserv. (32% of them as first author, 61% as senior/last author or corresponding author, 43% in Q1), including 360 co-authors from 22 different countries. These papers accumulate 3621 citations (h-index = 32, citations in the last 5 years = 2327, i10-index = 66) according to Google Scholar (data accessed on 21/12/22). I have also written 3 books, 22 book chapters, published 8 papers in non-SCI journals, and 21 papers in popular journals and magazines. I am Associate Editor of 4 SCI journals: J. Raptor Research, Ornithol. Applications (USA), Ardeola (Spain) and Front. Ecol. Evol. (USA). I have been reviewer on 110 occasions for 43 different SCI journals including top ranked journals such as Biol. Conserv., Biol. Letters, Conserv. Biol., Div. & Distrib., Front. Ecol. Environ., J. Appl. Ecol, MEE, and J. R. Soc. Inter. I have presented 94 works (55 oral communications, 39 posters) in national (36) and international conferences (58), 20 of them as invited/keynote speaker. I have been PI of 12 projects (5 competitive calls + 7 non-competitive contracts with public entities) managing a total budget of 379.957e. I have also participated in 15 research projects funded through competitive calls [2 international (> 3.3 million ); 13 national projects]; as well as in 26 non-competitive contracts, agreements or projects with public or private entities (1 international and 20 national). My leadership and mentoring skills are reflected in the supervision of 3 doctoral theses (UA: 2012, 2013 and 2016, all with honors), 13 master's theses and 12 undergraduate theses. In addition, I am currently supervising 5 doctoral theses. I have been a member of 8 thesis committees in 6 different Spanish Universities. My teaching experience includes > 1500 h of lecturing in bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree programs in two Spanish Universities (UV, UA). I have two six-year research periods certified by the Valencian Agency of Evaluation and Prospective (AVAP). I have participated in 1 scientific assessment committee for an international organization (VCF-Switzerland) and I have been a member of the organizing committee of 2 international conferences. I have evaluated different research projects for the Spanish National Agency of Evaluation and Prospective (ANEP), the German-Israel Foundation and the Swiss National Science Foundation. I have conducted different research stays in public research centers, including 3 as predoctoral student (Uruguay, Italy, Spain) and 1 as a postdoctoral fellow (Sweden). I have obtained 7 grants and scholarships: 1 as an undergraduate student, 2 as Ph.D. student and 4 as a postdoc.
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Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology (ICBiBE)

University of Valencia