JoaquĆ­n Baixeras
Associate Professor of Entomology
ICBiBE Research Lab: Entomology and Pest Control
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Member of the Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, University of Valencia since its creation in 1998. I have collaborated in the institute in several positions of management.
Most of my research devoted to Entomology with special interest in Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies). Expert on the family Tortricidae where most of my publications concentrate. I have studied aspects of its morphology, taxonomy, phylogeny and ecology including pest control and fossil history. I have also worked on dragonflies and cockroaches. Technically, I have taken my work from the molecular to the population level, going through microscopic techniques and I am familiar with extreme morphological observation techniques such as electron microscopy. My approach to the functional morphology of genital apparatus and sexual selection consequences has received special attention in recent literature.  In the recent decade I have also actively participated in different projects concerning transversal relations between insects and bacterial symbionts, both endocelular and gut symbionts, especially in Blattodea. Interested in the ecology and conservation of the apollo butterfly Parnassius apollo Linnaeus.
I am familiar with large microscope facilities and advanced use of TEM, SEM and Confocal Microscopy in the equipments Confocal Microscope Olympus FV1000, Field Emission SEM HITACHI 4800, TEM Hitachi HT7800 and JEOL-jem 1010.
I have been actively involved in the scientific dissemination. I designed and directed the exhibition, "Mr. Darwin, What a great idea!" In collaboration with the Science Dissemination Chair and FECYT (2008-2009). I have also participated in different activities related to light pollution, member of the Spanish Network of Studies in Light Pollution.
Prize "Botànic Calduch 2015" to the study of the Nature (Omacha Foundation, Vila-Real, Castelló, Spain)

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